illuminati members

Illuminati Members

We are enchanted that your life’s journey has led you to discover our organization. Maybe you’ve been contacted by other organizations or one of our members by any means necessary, or perhaps not, we value secrecy. We are the bringers of a new dawn, the guardians of the human species. We are the Pyramid, the Eye, the Light, and the Eternal Circle. We are the Illuminati. to know more about the members, you can read here

Membership Requirements

  • You must be free-born.
  • You must be willing to serve humanity.
  • You must be joining of your own free will.
  • You must be willing to accept the equality of all humanity.
  • You must be willing to keep our insights and activities discreet.
  • You must be willing to pledge and prove your loyalty to the Grand Lodge.
  • You must be of lawful age.
  •  Depending on the Grand Lodge, this can be anywhere from 23 and above.

Membership Requirements

    •  LOVE: Every member of the Illuminati will show tolerance and respect for the opinions of others and act with kindness and understanding of the human species.
    • RELIEF: Members of the Illuminati are taught to practice charity and to care, not only for their own, but also for the community as a whole, both by charitable giving and by voluntary efforts and works as individuals.
    • TRUTH: Members of the Illuminati strive for truth, requiring high moral standards and aiming to achieve them in their own lives.
    • TRUST: Every member of the Illuminati is required to trust the organization, his fellow members, his mentors, and himself. Members have to work without doubts and skepticism for doubts and skepticism drives one further away from their destined greatness.
    • SERIOUSNESS: Every member of the Illuminati is required to show some level of seriousness towards the work of the Illuminati.

    Do you agree to follow the rules? Nothing especially scary here. We believe that these principles represent a way of achieving higher standards in life.

    All people, in all places, are eligible to apply for Illuminati membership. Initiates are required to take any vows of loyalty and will have to obtain specific items needed to perform their ceremonial activities and initiation into a lodge.

  • Remember you can still join us here